255 Grimsby Road,
N.E Lincolnshire,
DN35 7HE
Tel: 01472 230 988
or aston.estates@hotmail.co.uk


Are you thinking of letting your property? If so then you need to take advice from a professional property management agency, and take out some of the worry and un-necessary risks. You need to know that a competent and experienced company will look after the investment you have made in your property. With regards to finding suitable tenants, and all legal documentation and the handling of the letting procedure Aston Estates Lincs Ltd will be there to help.


We charge a fully inclusive price of 12% to source and find a suitable tenant for your property and a one off £100.00 Administration charge per property given by yourself for us to manage but however in the event of any landlord giving us five or more properties the commision charged would then be open to negotiation.

Aston Estates Lincs Ltd guarantee that any deductions will only be taken from the rent collected on a commission basis agreed prior to our agreement, that will include all services above. NO LET NO FEE means just that if we do not let your property there will be no charge. Any legal fees incurred or requirement of possession charges are not included.


In the event of any dispute between Landlord and Tenant, Aston Estates Lincs Ltd will do there up most to resolve any problem and keep the Landlord informed at all times. If legal proceedings are required we will continue to advise and act on behalf of the Landlord.


Maintenance works may become necessary at any time during a tenancy. Any fault that we are informed of by the tenant will be reported to you. In the event that an urgent repair becomes essential we may instruct a contractor to carry out any works without your consent, we would only take this course of action if the repair is serious enough to either cause injury to the tenant or severe damage to your property.


Aston Estates Lincs Ltd will do everything in their power to collect rent and any monies due. We will also deal with the North East Lincolnshire Council for those tenants who receive housing and/or council tax benefit, on behalf of the Landlord.

Aston Estates Lincs Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 06472577.
Registered Office: 255 Grimsby Road, Cleethorpes, N.E Lincolnshire, DN35 7HE.